Alani Norshoa


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Alani Norshoa grew up as the daughter of the Baron and Baroness Norshoa in the land of Jorda. As she grew older, Alani began to realize that her parents, mostly her father, were corrupt. She began to notice strange characters coming to her house and the strange looks people would give her family when they went to public places. One morning, while paying by her father’s office, Alani overhears a cryptic conversation between her father and another man name John Berglund. All she was able to make out was “payments late,” “make the trade,” and “forge the documents.” Later that day she asked her older brother what was going on and he just told her it wasn’t any of her business. A few months later Alani went on a trip with a few of her cousins. Alani went out for a walk one mourning and was kidnapped by two men in masks. She was taken to a campsite out in the woods and tied up with around 40 others girls about her age. Alani asks a few of the girls if they knew what’s going on but none of them know. Throughout the day the men in the camp ignore the girls but in the evening they give them soup and tell them that they will be sold to slave traders the next day. Alani waits until the guard staying outside watch them falls asleep and then uses her dagger that she kept in her boot to cut the ropes from her hands and feet. She then begins cutting the other girls free. The girls quickly moving into the surrounding forest once everyone is cut free. As Alani and the girls make their way farther into the forest Alani here’s the guard yell; “shit!” “Berglund’s not gonna be happy about this!”

All of the girls manage to make it out of the forest without being caught by the men. Most of the girls admit that they are not from Jhordah and Alani offers to help them get back to their homelands. After helping most of the girls set up passage back home, the youngest girl among the group (only 12 years old) tells Alani she is scared to travel back alone. Alani agrees to travel to Rolis with her. Once they make it to Rolis Alani decides not to return home based on the information she has discovered. She decides to remain in Rolis and seek ought a new life for herself.

Alani Norshoa

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