Snrg Ironfoot

Drunken, jolly dwarf paladin who favors good ale


It was a bright, sunny morning in the mining region of Nazgar. Snrg had finished his workload at the forge and was now dealing out cups, pints, and barrels of ale to some of the off-duty dwarf miners. Music could be heard flowing from the mines as the miners sang their work songs. As always, Snrg had a smile on his face that stretched from ear to ear as he challenged his friends to a drinking game. Hardly anyone could ever beat him and that day was no exception. All was ale, smiles, laughs, and merriment. His parents, the owners of the inn, were visiting the temple to Kalstrom in the middle of the city and had left him to run the place. There was never too much trouble in the place; if someone started a rumble, Snrg just reached behind the counter and pulled out his trusty hammer and made sure the ruffians were dealt with and thrown out. There had been a couple such patrons who had a wee bit too much to drink earlier, but other than that there had been no trouble that day. Until, that is, the sun reached high noon.

In a split second, the noises of fiery explosions drowned out all laughter in the inn, and the songs of the workers could no longer be heard. Screams echoed throughout the city as bells were rung to bring out the city guard. Snrg, sensing a grand battle at hand, picked up his hammer, broke the top of a table off to use as a makeshift shield, and began walking out the front door. All merriment had left his eyes, and in its place was a fiery determination to right the wrong that had been done to his city. Reaching the threshold of the inn, Snrg heard a cry ring out, “GOBLINS!!! GOBLINS ARE ATTACKING FROM THE MOUNTAINS!!!” Fires were springing up throughout the city, and as Snrg watched in baffled bewilderment, hordes of goblins began pouring down the street. “Oi! You lot! What the hell you doin’ just sittin’ around with yer heads up your arses?” Snrg shouted. “It’s time to have some real fun!!”

You see, the goblins had made a big mistake attacking Nazgar. Its population is mostly made up of Dwarves. And when Dwarves are provoked, they get fierce and defensive, not just the men but also the women, children, and the very old. So as the goblin horde rounded the street, about thirty very drunk, very angry Dwarves led by Snrg charged them. The goblins, not swayed by a few dwarves, charged them in return, cackling gleefully with thoughts of pillaging and destruction. However, Snrg’s group was only the tip of the spear. A thunderous earthquake shook the ground as hundreds upon hundreds of Dwarves rounded the bend and followed Snrg’s group close behind.

Both sides clashed with a fierce ferocity. Dwarven battle-cries echoed throughout the air mingled with the shrieks of the goblins. The battle waged on for hours. As Dwarves fell, more came, and there seemed no end to the goblins. However, Snrg was not deterred; he never stopped swinging his hammer. Around him lay strewn scores of goblins, and the pile only grew higher. It got to a point where he was entirely surround, the goblins having pushed past his position. The goblins poked and prodded at Snrg, but none came close, being the cowardly creatures they are. Then, among their ranks, a path was made, and a goblin, taller than all the rest, proceeded down the path towards Snrg. As he entered the ring, Snrg let out a bloodcurdling cry to Kalstrom and lunged at the goblin leader. Taken off guard, the goblin chieftain stood no chance, falling to Snrg’s mighty blows in a matter of seconds.

The goblins shrieked in fear as their leader fell to the ground, his head caved in by Snrg’s hammer. Finally, the weariness and fatigue of fighting began to affect Snrg. He fell to his knee, leaning on his hammer and breathing hard. The goblins took this as their moment to strike. As they rushed forward to cut down their foe, billows of fire shot through their ranks. Horn blasts echoed through the city streets as the city guard and their mages had finally arrived and engaged the goblin horde. At their head were scores of soldiers in silver armor, paladins of the Order of the Silver Paladins. They were the tip of the spear of the counterattack. No goblin could stand up against their holy wrath as they struck with a righteous vengeance upon any that stood in their path. Upon reaching Snrg’s position, several of the paladins broke of from the main group to surround the kneeling Snrg.

One of the paladins, who Snrg recognized as one of their officers, placed his hand on Snrg’s shoulder. A balmy calm spread throughout Snrg’s body as all his fatigue and wounds wore off and were healed. “Come now, friend,” said the Silver Paladin, offering his hand. “Are you so weary from the fight that you will not continue to fight?” Snrg accepted the hand and rose to his feet. Wiping the sweat from his brow and making sure his beard was uninjured, Snrg turned to the paladin and said with a smile on his face, “Never a time I’m not able to fight! Now, let’s go get these bastards!!” The paladin smiled in turn, and together they turned towards the fleeing goblins. Letting out a bellow that sounded like an angry bear, Snrg charged towards them with the Silver Paladins right by his side. Together with the paladins and the city guard, Snrg was able to oust the goblins from Nazgar. Because of his heroic actions during the battle, he was proclaimed a hero of the people. He never would have to pay for his own drinks in Nazgar ever again. The Silver Paladins also offered him an induction into their order, which he gladly accepted.

Snrg Ironfoot

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